How to Write an Essay: What Is the Correct Structure?

Whether you’re in high school, middle school or college, you will be expected to write multiple essays. Any of the following could be assigned to you:

  • - Literary analyses essays
  • - Persuasive essays
  • - Personal Statements
  • - Linguistic essays

And the list can go on. The best part about writing essays is that the structure does not change much from one to the other. This article will describe the correct structure of an essay and how you can go about writing one when necessary.

  • When you start with your essay, you need to make sure you know where you are taking your audience. The thesis statement is one line that explains just that. It should guide you through the rest of your essay and also be a positive standpoint for the audience to understand where you are taking them. The introduction will then continue from where the thesis statement left off, going straight into the crux of the issue and stating your position. If your introduction is strong, then your body paragraphs will be a good follow-up to this start.

  • These could be anywhere between 2 and 5. Body paragraphs describe the introduction and exploit the thesis statement in great detail. Each body paragraph builds up on the previous one and, therefore, the final body paragraph will contain the most crucial piece of information. Structure your information in a well-presented manner so that the reader enjoys reading what they are looking at. Moreover, if your points are well-structured, there is a higher chance that they will have the intended impact.

  • This is the last part of the essay that needs to be completed well. The conclusion is crucial because it sums up all your other paragraphs in just one paragraph. What happens here is that your essay needs to have a direction, and the conclusion points towards the finish line. You should show the readers the finish line but let them get there themselves. However, make sure that the conclusion is not open-ended because that can be a fatal mistake.

An essay is not that difficult to write as long as you follow the directions given. It takes time and effort to write an outstanding essay that will swipe the readers of the floor, but once the job is done, the final piece looks terrific on paper. Keep that in mind when you are writing.

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