Depending on the topic you have been assigned, your introduction will follow a set path. Stay true to the essay prompts you will been given and write according to the theme they hold. Be sure to describe an accurate profile of each subject you are contrasting. Then remember to accurately portray the category of features that you will be comparing, using a chain type method to integrate them.

Make an introduction

You would expect the introduction paragraph for compare and contrast essay papers to contain a summary of the upcoming discussion; and you would be right. But there is so much more information that needs to be squeezed into this short 150 word section. Trying to say as much as possible in such a short space may take some serious editing, but it will be worth the effort for the points you are sure to gain by doing so. So what other information needs to be added to your opening paragraph? Take some guidance from the points to follow and make sure you add as much of these as you possibly can into your essay introduction.

Introduce your subjects

Take the time in your introduction to briefly familiarize the reader with both of them. Let us say for instance that you plan to contrast two football players beside each other. Introduce each one and give a brief overview on their profiles. This is a basic start for any introduction paragraph for compare and contrast essay writing. On the other hand, writing an introduction might not be that easy-to-do. If so, then you can always buy cheap essay online and feel free meanwhile. Keep in mind, when creating your profiles, that there will be specific features being analyzed for comparison. For instance, if you plan to compare the football careers of Dennis Bergkamp and Zinedine Zidane, you do not want to delve into something irrelevant like their country of origin or family history.

make a brief analyze

If you plan to compare two football players, you will not be discussing their restaurant choices. More likely you will aim to compare their playing styles, team designations and player statistics. Whatever you are comparing, make a brief mention of the features that will be analyzed for comparison. Try and decide what you plan to contrast in the main body of the essay before you write your introduction paragraph. Once you have done this, do not elaborate too much about it. Rather try and think of a category name for the features you have chosen. Looking again at our example, we see that player stats and football teams have to do with the players’ football careers. Mentioning this is enough for your introduction.

Introduce your idea

Your introduction is not very long, and you cannot draw up a ‘column A / column B’ type of diagram to illustrate some of the features that will be compared. Instead, take your category of features and give the reader a small foretaste of the comparison. Use words like ‘while’ or ‘however’ to combine sentences for the purpose of comparison. For example, “Dennis Bergkamp’s football career was one that showed obvious potential from the start, while Zidane’s arrival at the top only came after long years of hard effort.” A sentence like this will give the reader a good idea of what direction you intend taking them in the rest of your essay; i.e. the football careers of two retired players.

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