18 Fresh Ideas For Good Essay Topics On Julius Caesar

There have been monarchs of all kinds on this planet and yet few stand out from the crowd owing to their special resonance of charisma. To this league falls Napoleon Bonaparte, Akbar the Great; Genghiz Khan and Julius Caesar.

The graded layers

Julius Caesar was an immensely powerful Roman ruler who introduced democracy to the country. He had too many layers to his personality yet he may have remained restricted to college students if not for William Shakespeare’s eponymous masterpiece. This piece finds a place in many syllabi around the world and gives rise to numerous essay topics.

Range of popularity

In fact, such is his popularity and ushering of power that the comic strip of world fame ‘Asterix’ pits Asterix and his village Gaul against the might of Julius Caesar in more than one strip. Numerous movies have also been made on his sentient character; giving more expanse to essays.

Points of difference

Julius Caesar was born a Caesarian, a rarity in those days (the reason behind his surname). His popularity is also the reason why Roman kings were called Caesar after him. His victory against Pompeii and his death at the hands of conspirators all seem mythical, even in an expository essay.

Meanwhile, here are 18 different takes on Julius Caesar in form of essay topics –

  1. How did Julius Caesar change the meaning of monarchy?

  2. Explain the far-sightedness of Julius Caesar

  3. Suggest how Julius Caesar was forever blighted by superstitions

  4. Write an essay on the inspirational factor of Julius Caesar

  5. Did Julius Caesar also suffer from the ignominy of ostentation; as visible in his handling of Pompeii?

  6. Explain the democratic system under Julius Caesar

  7. Elaborate on what led to Julius Caesar’s death

  8. Shed light on Julius Caesar’s amour with Cleopatra; one of his wives and the most mystic Egyptian queen

  9. Narrate the position of women during Caesar’s times

  10. Explain the character of Julius Caesar with his obstinacy as the backbone

  11. Explain the concept of taking wives in those times; with the example of how Caesar’s right hand Mark Antony eventually marrying Cleopatra; once Caesar’s wife

  12. How was Caesar’s epilepsy used as a tool against him by the shrewd Cassius

  13. Write an essay on how Caesar’s ghost ultimately caused the fall of Brutus and Cassius

  14. Explain how Caesar’s traits were evident in too many future emperors; notably Napoleon

  15. Suggest Caesar’s fickleness as a testament to the general mindset of those times

  16. Shed light on the conquests of Julius Caesar

  17. Suggest how Mark Antony changed the minds of people gathered over Caesar’s dead body

  18. Explain how Caesar maintained prosperity and affection in his empire with an allusion to his will

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