A List of Extraordinary Topics for Process Essays

A process essay is one wherein your job is to explain a process. You need to make sure that while writing a process essay you include all of the steps that the reader will need to complete the process. You must make sure these steps are listed in sequence. Don’t leave it up to the reader to figure it out. You want to explain to the reader why every step is needed. If they should be warned about something, include that in the essay. If there are terms that may be unfamiliar to your reader, include a definition or explanation for those terms. If the reader requires any tools or materials in order to follow the process, list those at the start so that they know. If this process has ever been completed before, tell them that. If it hasn’t, then let them know that too.

If you are searching for an extraordinary topic for your process essay, consider the topics below:

  • Explain how an accident took place in your home
  • Explain to the reader how calculators work
  • Explain a magic trick that is famous at magic shows
  • Explain how a camera works
  • Explain to the reader how cookies are made and the science behind the ingredients and the temperature
  • Explain how a piece of technology works.
  • Explain how children can make parents feel guilty
  • Explain to the reader how a sandcastle is made
  • Explain how a contact lens can be inserted
  • Explain to the reader how an exam is created
  • Explain how to use public transportation
  • Explain to the reader how to make friends for life
  • Explain how to edit images online
  • Explain how to save money
  • Explain to the reader how to pick a computer
  • Explain how to take great photos
  • Explain to the reader how to brew the perfect cup of coffee
  • Explain how to terminate a relationship
  • Explain to the reader how to tell is someone is lying
  • Explain how to administer first aid
  • Explain to the reader how to make cheese
  • Explain how to study for a test
  • Explain to the reader how to sew
  • Explain how to sign
  • Explain a term that is difficult to understand
  • Explain to the reader ways to create a schedule
  • Explain how to use a text program on the computer
  • Explain to the reader how to play a board game
  • Explain to the reader how to properly wash jeans

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