How to Write a Strong Philosophy Essay: Effective Instructions

Writing a philosophy paper takes practice. It is important that you offer substantial evidence that convinces the reader to accept your point of you.

  • Before you start writing a philosophy paper, you need to make sure you state what it is that you are going to show. This can be particularly difficult with philosophy. But try to state in one sentence what you were going to prove. If you cannot state this in one sentence, you need to change her thesis because odds are, you are not quite clear yet.
  • The second step in writing a philosophy paper is to determine how you are going to convince your reader that your thesis is the right one. This is called a rational persuasion. Your job as the writer is to present your arguments in such a way that the reader except your point of view. Do not overestimate how strong your position is. Just because you wholeheartedly agree with your point of view does not mean that the opposition is not sound. You want to assume that your reader is going to be intelligent and that your reader knows a lot about the other point of view. If you assume that your reader is in favor with the opposition, you will work much harder to create a coherent argument.
  • Many students make the mistake of thinking that their case will be much stronger if they mention every single argument in support of their position that they have come across overtime. This is commonly referred to as a fortress approach. They tried to set up a fortress that is built upon every single example that they have ever seen. But the fact is, this is not going to create a good paper. A good philosophy paper only uses the best and most persuasive arguments and examples.
  • Not every argument in support of your position is a good one. You want to stay on track and only pick great topics. Make sure that you show the best and most compelling arguments. If you include weak arguments, your reader might think that you don't know the difference between a strong argument and a weak argument.

Remember that you are limited in the space you have to cover your topic. And if you include too many arguments you will end up being spread too thin. You will try and cover too much ground, and your paper will come off as superficial.

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