How to Write Your Expository Essay in a Proper Way

Expository essays are another genre of essay writing that students may stumble upon during the course of their academic career. This genre of essay writing is one which requires you to thoroughly investigate an idea or to thoroughly evaluate evidence. You might also need to expound upon an existing idea or put forth an argument that relates to an idea in a concise manner. This can be done through many other writing styles including:

  • Analysis
  • Example
  • Definition
  • Compare and contrast
  • Cause and effect

The expository essay is one that is commonly used to evaluate your skills which is why you will find it in many other formats.

The structure for an expository essay is comprised of the following components:

  1. A clear and concise thesis statement which is located in the first paragraph.

    It is imperative that your thesis statement be narrow and well defined. It needs to adhere to the guidelines of your assignment as well. If you do not learn how to properly put forth a thesis statement you will find it quite challenging to compose an effective essay.

  2. Body paragraphs which have sufficient evidence.

    Every paragraph that you have in the body of your expository essay needs to be limited so that there is one idea for each paragraph. This style will enable better clarity and direction throughout your paper. You will also find that the content is much more concise. This is important because it makes it easier for your audience to read the essay. In addition to that you must also ensure every body paragraph makes a logical connection to your thesis statement as laid out in your introductory paragraph.

  3. Supporting evidence.

    When you have to write an expository essay you may not have any preparation which means you will not have a lot of spare time with which to find evidence. That is why the anecdotal or logical evidence you present is important. If you cannot find statistical or factual evidence you can always incorporate anecdotal or logical.

    Get creative! When writing your expository essay you should always strive to be creative and artful. Try not to get stuck worrying about the format of your essay. Certainly don’t let it inhibit your writing. Aim to write something interesting that leaves a lasting impression on the people who read your paper. That is really the goal of any academic piece.

  4. Conclusion.

    The conclusion needs to do more than retell your thesis to the reader. Remember that your time and space are both limited with essay writing so do not waste time repeating things that you don’t have to repeat. Instead take this opportunity to readdress your thesis in light of what evidence you put into the body of your text.

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