Composing Great Topics for Narrative Essays

The narrative essay is a chance for students to really reflect upon and write about themselves. Everyone has experienced memories both good and bad, and the narrative essay is an opportunity to use those memories in a creative fashion. When writing a narrative, your goal is to tell a story from the point of view of the author—or you. You want to provide sensory details and specific information adequate enough to transport the reader to the scene. You want to use vivid and precise verbs, define your points, and include all conventional storytelling tools to portray your experience to the reader. Carefully selected details should be used in an effort to support the story.

If you are search for great topics for narrative essays, consider reviewing the list below. This is a wide list, heavily populated. It should serve as a foundation from which to jump into a memory of your own:

  • Write about a time when you were lost and who that felt
  • Describe your favorite food
  • Explain what you would do if you were able to go back in time
  • Write about the weirdest thing you have ever seen
  • Discuss something about yourself that you wish you could change
  • Write about something you wish you could invent
  • Describe what animal you would be if you could be any animal
  • Write about what life would be like if you could only see a single color
  • Describe the one place on earth you want to live
  • Narrate an interesting encounter you had with an animal
  • Explain who you would be if you could be someone else for just one day
  • Write about what life would be like if you were invisible
  • Explain something you saw once, which no one believed you saw
  • Write about a job that you truly loathe doing
  • Describe the most beautiful thing you have ever seen
  • Write about your most embarrassing moment
  • Explain something that made you laugh
  • Talk about your earliest memory as a child
  • Write about the most difficult thing you have ever had to do
  • Discussion five things you can never live without
  • Write about something you owned which has disappeared
  • Explain the best news you have ever received
  • Write about something that happened when you were a small child
  • Explain one of your most memorable trips
  • Write about your secret talent
  • Narrate for the reader your secret hiding place

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