How To Outline An Essay: Effective Tips For Newbies

Sorry that you are being referred to as a ‘newbie’ but for the fact that you are writing an essay for the first time, that’s what you really are. The first attempt at carrying out certain functions is usually the most difficult but if you are determined and patient, your efforts would pave way for success. In writing an academic paper, it is very important to work with an outline. This serves as a guide in terms of proper structure and format for your paper and most importantly, it saves you time and the agony of condemning your initial efforts and starting afresh again.

In creating the outline for your essay, the following tips would prove especially beneficial to you. The tips are as follows:

  • - Understand The Paper’s Requirements: Before you create your paper’s outline, you need to understand the type of paper it is. Whether it is a 3-paragraph, 3-page, 5-page, or 7-page paper. You should also determine if the paper is persuasive, descriptive, evaluative or critical before you start your outline.
  • - Choose A Topic: The topic to be addressed through your paper determines the direction of your outline. With a topic chosen, then you are closer to getting your outline created.
  • - List The Main Ideas: Just as pointed out earlier, after you have determined how many paragraphs or pages your paper is expected to be, you can then list your main ideas to match the number of paragraphs or pages, making sure that the ideas would support your already developed thesis.
  • - List The Supporting Sentences: These are the sub-points that add more strength to your main ideas. These sub-points should transition seamlessly from one to the other for easy reading.
  • - Make Room For Changes: Depending on the scope of your work and research, there are instances where you need to add to what you already have in your outline. There are also instances where you need to remove from what you have in your outline. Create your outline in such a way that there is room for changes to be made.

This is just the easy way to create the outline for your essay. When you finally get the hand of creating outlines, you will then agree that it makes writing easier as you have a map you are strictly following to avoid mistakes. Over time, you will no longer be jittery about composing outlines or writing your essays.

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