A List of Most Interesting Anthropology Essay Topics

One of the really interesting things about anthropology essay topics is the huge number you can find. If you ever thought anthropology was a boring subject and one with severe restrictions on topics, you're in for a shock. Not only are there many general categories in the subject of anthropology but within each general category there are many individual topics. You are spoilt for choice. In this particular article we are looking for what can be described as the most interesting anthropology essay topics and so therefore we need to ask the question of what makes a topic interesting.

Perhaps the question should be what makes a topic interesting for you? Because this is the key to your choice of anthropology essay topic. By choosing a topic which is interesting for you, in which you have a passionate interest or even some background knowledge and information, you give yourself the best possible chance of writing an outstanding essay. So let's start by having you make a list of the parts or aspects of anthropology studies which seriously appeal to your training and interests.

Of course just because you like a particular topic doesn't necessarily mean that it will be ideal for the writing of anthropology essay. I mean does this particular topic have a good supply of relevant research material? Is this a fairly recent topic and have there been fairly recent studies in this particular area? More importantly, has this topic been written about time and time again? In order to get your essay the highest mark possible, writing about an unusual anthropology topic or an unusual angle or approach to well-known anthropology topic, is likely to get you the best possible result.

So bearing all the above in mind, here are some suggestions as to possible interesting anthropology essay topics.

  • - What can anthropology tell us about prehistoric cultures?
  • - What are the latest developments in carbon-dating techniques for anthropologists?
  • - Is forensic anthropology as shown on the crime television programs true to life?
  • - How does an anthropologist interpret evidence?
  • - What is a common approach to the human evolution situation as seen by an anthropologist?
  • - What do anthropologists tell us about the Australian aborigines?
  • - What role do anthropologists play in determining social culture?
  • - Is the human personality able to be studied via anthropology?
  • - What has anthropology taught us about open and closed societies?

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