Composing Appropriate Argumentation Essay Topics

Persuasive and argumentative essays are basically believed to be the same thing. However there are some subtle differences. For your argumentative essay, you don’t need a specific audience you’re trying to convince. You are just putting your point of view out there, whether anyone agrees with you or not. Knowing this difference will help you write your essay.

How to compose an appropriate topic for your essay?

When searching for the perfect topic, you should make a list of all of the possibilities. Looking at the list and identifying which topics would have conflicting points of view will help you narrow your list and come closer to composing a topic. For example, the topic “fish suffer from water pollution” doesn’t have conflicting sides because it’s already common knowledge and proven. However, tweaking it a little bit to say “industry should be responsible for water pollution” or “there are bigger concerns than fish in polluted waters” are both arguable statements.

Rather than just presenting two sides of an argument, you must choose one to promote. You must adopt one side. You must also know details about the other side because you will have to show why it’s not the correct side to adopt.

Examples of good argumentative essay topics

  • - Does the sugar level in foods cause people to overeat?
  • - Should there be regulations for reality TV shows?
  • - Should people who are on welfare be required to have drug testing?
  • - Does social media have a negative impact on elections?
  • - You shouldn’t have to pay for your music.
  • - Global climate change can be blamed on the G-7 countries
  • - Lotteries should be used to make the government more money
  • - Should men be given paternity leave from work?
  • - Standardized test scores have no meaningful purpose in schools any more
  • - Should companies be allowed to market their wares to children?
  • - There shouldn’t be an issue about how much professional athletes make

Your professor or teacher may have given you some guidelines for topic choice. If you have to stay within the parameters of a psychology essay for example, then make sure your topic can be applied to psychology. If there are no such restrictions, choose a general area that’s of the most interest to you. Your topic should have two clear sides that can be argued: one in favor of and the other in opposition to. If you can’t clearly choose one of the two sides, it won’t make a good topic for an argumentative essay.

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