10 Tips For Creating A Winning Cause And Effect Essay On World War 1

World War 1 is one of the most unnecessary wars that triggered redundant conflicts and massive destruction across the world. The role of Austria- Hungary, Serbia, Germany added fire to the fuel. The animosity of one nation towards the other escalated the tensions further. The conflict stemmed from the issues of Austria and Hungary and captured the globe all over. Realizing its serious consequences, it has become a topic of grave research by many students. If you are among one of those students, following 10 tips can steer you with the art of creating a winning cause and effect essay-

  1. Prepare a list: Make a list of all the possible topics that seems interesting to you. The subject of World War I is vast and after analyzing the relation between the cause and effect you can finalize the topic.

  2. Finalize a topic: Pick a stimulating topic that engrosses the reader and stands with a strong argument. The topic should be mind-absorbing and vast to be discussed. It should connect all the reasons together.

  3. Outline: Consider this foremost step and perform a thorough research. It is necessary to have a thorough understanding of the subject. Understand the phenomenon, trends and events to have a deep knowhow of the cause.

  4. Where to focus? Think upon the cause you want to elaborate. World War I is not the result of one cause but is the mixed result of many reasons. Practically, it’s not possible to cover all the aspects in your essay and hence it is better to stick to the one cause only.

  5. Brainstorm: It is mandatory for better presentation of the topic. It will make your reader analyze the relationship amid the right cause and effect on the chosen topic.

  6. Write the topic precisely: The topic should be crisp and clear while conveying a succinct message to the readers. It should build on a strong platform being easily comprehensible.

  7. Introduction composition: It describes the cause understanding its effects. It states the purpose of the essay succinctly.

  8. Thesis statement: This section of the treatise is significant as it offers a complete synopsis of the topic and the opinion of the writer. Here the student should signify the particular relationship between the two in the chosen topic.

  9. Establish a logical connection: Since this is an academic article and you are writing about a cause and its effect, you need to present a logical connection between the two.

  10. Conclusion: Restate your thesis statement and support them with logical evidences.

Go through all these 10 steps and maintain a better understanding of your topic.

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