A List of Easy Cause and Effect Essay Topics for High School

What are cause and effect essays?

Essay writing is one of the most important skills for students. They need to write essays on different topics and styles during their academic career. This article will discuss a certain type of essays known as the cause and effect essays. A cause and effect essay talks about an issue at hand and the reasons that give rise to it. You can use two approaches to write a cause and effect essay. Either you can choose an effect and talk about its causes in your essay or you may select a cause and show its effects in your essay. Writing a cause and effect essay is not difficult if you are clear about what you want to write about.

Why is the topic important for your essay?

The most important step of writing a cause and effect essay is choosing a topic carefully. If you have a good topic, to start with the rest of your essay writing process becomes easy. The topic of your cause and effect essay shows what your essay is about. It helps the reader in understanding what they will find in the rest of your essay. You need to make sure that your essay follows the same direction as your topic. If your essay does not explain the topic well then you will not get a good grade. If you have a good start to your essay, you are most likely to end it well.

Example topics for your essay

Below are a few example topics for a cause and effect essay

  1. Drink and driving can cause major accidents and huge consequences
  2. Children whose parents are separated have behavior problems
  3. Unnecessary care can make people for granted
  4. Action movies can inspire kids to do silly stunts at home
  5. Drinking less water can cause skin related diseases in the end
  6. Smoking cigarettes can be a major cause for lung cancer
  7. Eating seafood can increase your fertility and ensure a healthy sex life till late
  8. Financial crises and unemployment may be a reason for domestic violence
  9. Child abuse can have devastating long term effects on the child in the future life
  10. Discuss the important factors that pollute our environment. Discuss the causes for air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and land pollution separately.

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