A Guide On How To Come Up With Good Descriptive Essay Topics

In a descriptive essay you have to describe something, this can be a person, place, object, situation, emotion, experience, and so on.  They have to describe it as how they see it so this kind of essay can be personal and creative.  When you start to write your descriptive essay, start by prewriting your topic.  Think about who and what you want to describe to your reader.  You can makes lists or write short descriptions of your topic. Then you can start to draft your essay, remember as you are writing your essay, you want to show the reader not tell them.

After you have written your descriptive essay, you have to edit and revise it.  You want to look for non-descriptive sentences that need more elaboration, for example if you say that the car was old, you can fix that with more description.  And of course you have to look for grammatical and spelling errors when you are editing your essay.  Once all of the editing is done read over it a few more times and then you can hand it in.

Good Descriptive Essay Topics

  • Describe an addiction.  There is a wide range of addictions that you can choose from and with research you can find all of the information you would need to write it.  Or if you know first hand about a certain addiction, that can help you write it.
  • Pick your favorite place to go.  Describe how it looks, how you feel when you go there, and all of the other aspects of that place.
  • A really good one to do is to revisit a place that you visited as a child.  Visiting somewhere as an adult can change the way that you look at a place, as you did as a child.  Describe that in your essay, it might be about the disappointment of visiting it years later but it’s an interesting topic.
  • If you want to do something really creative then do a descriptive essay on what you might think the future will be like.  This kind of descriptive essay can be like a story for your essay.
  • If you want to do something that is fresh, you could pick a new place that you have never been before to write about.  Go to that place and take a notebook and take notes on what you see, hear, smell, and so on.  This can be a great descriptive essay topic.

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