How to Write an Essay: Use a Professionally Written Manual

Essays are one of the writing activities used to cultivate and expand knowledge and arguments. Most of the time, students are given a question, which they must answer in a form of an essay. Writing one may be tough, especially if the topic or question handed over is not a familiar one.

For an individual to be able to come up with a comprehensive essay, he or she must allocate time for essay writing. A student will have to organize ideas and thoughts in order to successfully write a comprehensive essay. Following these simple steps will help one meet the requirement as instructed.

  1. Research. A student must first go online, visit the library, or search the academic database. It is important to take note of acceptable references specified. For a quicker research, the reference librarian may help looking for references that can help. When gathering details, it is also important to track sources of these details or ideas. A student can also read other references or essays that support the same claim as his or hers.
  2. Brainstorm. After reading similar essays, a student must come up with a list. He or she can make use of mind mapping. It is important for one not to stress oneself enough to be able to think clearly. Moreover, it can be helpful for one to stroll around the park and think about one’s topic. Once ideas come flowing, jot them down. They may just pop in and get lost the before one realizes.
  3. Pick your thesis statement. After jotting down one’s own arguments and ideas, choose at least 3 of the strongest arguments. These statements or claims must be supported with details or information gathered from the research made.
  4. Plan the essay. Organize the ideas and arguments brainstormed and group them according to their interconnectedness. After grouping them together, write a topic sentence for these statements.
  5. Write the body. When writing the body, a student must take into consideration the instructor’s specifications. However, a student must write freely and allow his or her thoughts to flow freely. Anyway, he or she can make these thoughts more concise later on.
  6. Write a convincing title and an introduction. A student must make sure that the title and the introduction written will keep its audience hooked to the essay. Therefore, it is important that the title and introduction seem interesting and convincing.
  7. Write a conclusion. Summarize the points and write recommendations that will make the readers think of considering the paper’s point.

Writing an essay may be tough. However, this can be an enjoyable one when everything is organized and smooth. These are some simple steps a student may follow when writing an essay. Furthermore, following these may help a student write comfortably and with ease.

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