What Is The Real Meaning Of An Expository Essay?

While you were in school, you were made to write different kinds of essays to prove your writing capability. You might have been instructed to write differently for different kind of composition. You have come across narrative style. Also, only you were not familiar with that term. In this article, we are going to elaborate on what is an expository written discourse.

What is an expository essay?

Expository piece of an article generally means those topics that give out information in order to explain something. For your convenience, we can say, expository piece of writing can be synonymous with nonfictional writing, with no room for unnecessary elaboration or description. The more informative your paper is and the more the number of instructions on your paper, the more fruitful your expository write up will be. When you are dealing with this genre of writing, you need to:

  • -Investigate the idea you are given to write.
  • - Look for evidence related to it.
  • - Expand on the given idea on the basis of the gathered evidence.
  • - Write down clearly and precisely what you have got.

For this type of paper, you can provide a definition of the topic, use elaborative examples or draw a comparison in order to prove the statement. You have to keep in mind that the motive behind an expository style composition is to prove your idea scientifically and logically.

What is the structure of an expository essay?

  • - In the introduction, write clearly and concisely what you want to write. That means you need to define the statement properly. Write in such a manner so that the introduction can easily lead to into the body of the composition.
  • - The body should have enough substantial evidence to support the statement. Make a separate paragraph for the body and open the first line of the sub-paragraph in the body with a logical statement and then define that in the rest of the paragraph. Include three paragraphs in the body part.
  • - In the concluding paragraph sum up what you have written so far. No new information shall be introduced in this section. Synthesize all the information you have so far put down in one paragraph.

This is the pattern to be followed while writing an expository piece of article. Be creative because that is of prime importance as you have only factual information ad you need to put that diplomatically in your composition.

Some examples of an expository composition:

  • - Biography or historical writing.
  • - Scientific write-ups indicating a cause-effect relationship.
  • - Extempore and debate topics.
  • - Reporting any event.

You will find abundant examples of this type of text online. Have a look at them to get a clear idea.

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