How to Find a Good Freelance Writers Market: a List of Suggestions

When it comes to getting a professional white paper or essay, individuals need to find the best freelance writer available. Students often use freelance writers for help on writing their academic papers. In order to find the best writers, the student must know where to look for them.

Check Freelance Marketplaces

The main place to look for a freelance writer is through one of the online marketplaces for freelance work. Through one of these sites, students can scan through the different profiles of each freelance writer. They can search for individuals who specialize in a particular subject or who have graduate level degrees. In general, these sites will also allow the student to set additional search parameters. They can look for writers with specific review ratings, educational qualifications or work histories. Before hiring a particular writer, students should also make sure that the writer can complete the essay by its deadline.

Remember: Qualifications Matter

A freelance writer is normally an individual who specializes in writing. Although they may be great at the art of writing, they may not know anything about specific subjects. If students need help with a science essay, they will need a freelance writer who is actually good at science. The same concept is true for subjects like history, mathematics, economics and literature. Students should find writers who majored in the subject or who have experience writing about the topic.

Look at Their Reviews

Beyond looking at the qualifications, students must also check the reviews and recommendations for the writer. Most freelance marketplaces will have spaces for previous clients to provide feedback about the writer. In this area, students will find the writer's ratings, comments and reviews. One negative review could be attributed to the client. If more than five percent of the reviews are negative, students should find a different writer to work with.


Often, students will use an essay writing company to get their essay. These companies are used to the industry and offer complete confidentiality. With a writer, the same level of confidentiality may not be available. The writer may use the essay as a part of their portfolio or as a sample for another client. If the student wants to protect their academic career from plagiarism charges, they will need to send the writer a non-disclosure agreement. This type of agreement ensures that the writer cannot disclose that they were the author of the essay. The student retains the copyright and ownership over the entire document.

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