What Is the Best Way to Start an Essay? - 5 Ways to Write an Intro

Everybody knows that you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. So the introduction or the beginning of your essay is very important. It needs to do at least two things. It needs to capture the attention of the reader and it needs to motivate them to want to keep reading. The introduction to your essay is like the blurb on the back of the book. It gives enough information to let you know what's inside and that information needs to be intriguing so that you want to keep reading.

But there are different ways to constructing your introduction. Here are five tactics you can adopt to make your introduction a winning one.

  1. The thesis statement is the basis of your essay.
  2. A quotation can be apt.
  3. Ask a question.
  4. Kick off with a fascinating fact.
  5. An anecdote can be a winner.

Your essay will contain your thesis statement. If you have got a powerful and brief thesis statement it could be the first sentence in your essay. It will appear at some place in your introduction but why not at the very beginning? Straightaway the reader knows the thrust of your essay. Straightaway the reader knows what they can expect to find when reading the entire document.

If you can find a quotation which is appropriate to your essay topic and particularly one which comes from a powerful source, you give your essay a powerful beginning. It shows that you have read widely and well and you are teaming up with someone who has an outstanding reputation.

Asking a question at the beginning of your essay is a clever way to operate. Immediately the reader thinks of the answer or wants to know the answer that you're going to provide. It's a great book to get the reader involved in your essay.

A fascinating fact is just that -- fascinating. If you start your essay with some information which is interesting you immediately have the reader on side. They are thinking about this fascinating fact and want to know how it relates to the rest of your essay.

Everybody loves a story. If you have an interesting anecdote which is related to the topic of your essay then why not use it at the beginning of your writing?

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