Essay Writing Tips: the Importance of Using References

Writing an essay is a handy task. You need to have a complete knowledge about the subject you choose to write upon. The ideas and opinions you use in your essay, must be based on strong arguments and supporting material. You cannot simply state something as good or bad in your essay based on your personal preferences. Whenever you present an idea in your essay, it should be supported by evidence. Moreover, this evidence should be valid and recent. The validity of the evidence depends upon on the source you cite it from. Sometimes, teachers restrict their students to use a certain source for their references because it is not reliable. You need to make sure that you only use those sources, which your teacher has allowed you. For instance, not everything you find on the internet is necessarily true. Sometimes, these are half-baked theories and ideas of a certain writer based on his personal biasness.

If you are to write an essay, you need good references to add value to your paper. Here are a few reasons why your paper should include references

This adds authenticity to your paper

When a person looks at a statement that has a fact or a statistical value, they are more likely to trust it. If you say, many people suffer from obesity, the reader will not take it seriously or may not even believe you. However, when you write “65% people in America suffer from obesity at a given time” they will think seriously about it. Now the question is that whether this percentage is valid or not. To add authenticity to your paper, you need to cite the source you have picked this value from.

You can earn reader’s confidence if the data is valid

If your essay includes valid data and there are references for it, then people are more likely to trust it. It is very important to have reader loyalty when you write your essay.

References help you stay free of plagiarism

Usually if you take someone’s ideas, quotations, or research and include it as your own, you will be accused of plagiarism. However, when you give a proper reference, then you show that this is not your own creation.


  • No one can claim that you have made them up yourself
  • Facts are the best supporting material to your ideas
  • You feel more confident about your paper
  • Readers can have a track for future research
  • The chances of acing in the essay are increased

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