Topics For An Argumentative Essay Can Be Found On The Web 

Choosing a topic for one’s essays can seem overwhelming. This is especially true when trying to choose a topic for an argumentative essay, because topic selection is such an important aspect of this type of assignment. An argumentative essay topic must fulfill several requirements in order to result in a good score on the final essay. First, it must be a topic that allows the writer to choose a debatable opinion. Second, the opinion must be complex enough that a well-crafted argument can be formed to support it. Finally, the topic must be one that is controversial if the student wants to impress their instructor and receive the best possible grade. One of the best ways to choose such a topic is to utilize internet sources. Here’s a step by step guide:

  1. Brainstorm a list of interesting topics.
  2. The first step is to simply sit down for ten or fifteen minutes and brainstorm a list of general subjects that the student is interested in. These can be absolutely anything that piques the student’s interest. From art, to sports, to history, just write down everything that you’d like to learn more about. These should be subjects that spark some curiosity in the student.

  3. Narrow down your list.
  4. Once you’ve got a sizeable list, narrow it down to five choices. Remember, these should be choices that you want to learn more about, so that researching will be enjoyable and enlightening.

  5. Research online.
  6. Next, take your list to the computer. You can start just by plugging the topics into a search engine as is. If you don’t see anything intriguing come up, add other terms to your search terms. Some good terms to include are “editorial,” “controversial,” “controversy,” “investigation,” “mystery,” “debate,” and so forth. These terms will help you find out what topics in the subjects that interest you will make for a good argumentative essay topic. Click on some of the suggested links, until you find an article on a debate about a topic that you’d like to research yourself.

  7. Research a specific debate.
  8. Before you fully commit to a topic, do a bit more in-depth research to determine whether or not there’s enough evidence to support your opinion on it. Read articles which cite their sources—it’s a great way to find more sources of your own!

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