The 14 Best Medical Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

Medicine is a very delicate course. In medicine, every issue is highly debated before a decision is reached and even after something is passed, it can still be reviewed when need arises. Constructive arguments are common among medical students. Here are some of the best argumentative topics:-

  • Modern medicine versus natural treatment – People that support natural treatment argue that their method is economical and has no side effect. In return, the doctors say their methods are effective and are scientifically proven.

  • Should more accountability be placed on doctors? – It is argued that doctors who make mistakes in life threatening situations should be blamed for the outcome. The critics are divided, others having a contrary opinion.

  • Should life saving procedures be performed for free – A lot of patients lose their lives as a result of not having cash to pay for treatment. Today, people are coming together to challenge the procedures to be free.

  • Chemotherapy: Should patient of cancer seek other alternative treatments – Some traditional doctors claim that they can do a better job in regards to treating cancer. But the doctors have highly disagreed.

  • Legalizing abortion – Abortion is an issue that has mixed reaction across the borders. Some people support it while others totally disagree and even term it as murder.

  • Should the age limit for alcohol be increased? – The 18yrs age limit is said to be too early for youths to take alcohol. The youths are highly opposing the issue.

  • Does access to condoms lead to irresponsibility?

  • Should we illegalize cigarette smoking?

  • How effective are birth control pills?

  • Plastic surgery – This topic is very complicated and has separated people into two opposing groups. Some strongly believe this process is meant for people who have been in accidents and those who have birth defects. But others do this for enhancing their beauty.

  • Should we legalize marijuana – Marijuana is used as a painkiller and it is prescribed by doctors for some medical conditions. It is also used illegally as a drug. Both statements have their supporters and that’s where the debate on whether to legalize it or not comes in.

  • Should junk food be highly taxed to avoid unhealthy eating – There have been arguments on whether to increase the tax for soft drinks and junk food as a way of discouraging unhealthy eating.

  • Abstinence programs – These are the programs that are taught in schools as a way of educating students on the importance of abstinence. Many have said the lessons are inadequate while others are in support for such program.

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