There are many diseases that have become famous throughout history for their continued ability to survive and affect people around the world. The common cold remains a disease for which there is no cure and until recently so too did HIV/AIDS. AIDS means “acquired immune deficiency syndrome” and it is the last stage of the HIV virus. Because of the health risks that this disease poses there have been attempts to find a viable cure for all versions and to ensure that the medication reaches those most in need. Other means of addressing the spread of the disease is to provide contraceptives and sex education to the areas where it spreads most highly from unprotected sex.

In 2000, the United Nations debated AIDS for the first time. It determined that it was a disease that could create social instability and emergency situations, and its Security Council adopted Resolution 1308 to begin addressing the issue. This led to the creation of the Millennium Development goal directed at halting the spread of the HIV virus and ultimately to the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS in 2001.

How did they know to follow these steps in order to create a successful campaign against this killer disease? They used their own history and other examples of public health campaigns from the past. For example, the UN initiative on HIV/AIDS has relied on all kinds of posters to spread the word about prevention and the seriousness of the disease. This is not the first time that something as simple as informational posters have been used to teach people with quick visuals about serious health issues, and the UN has repeatedly and effectively used them as tools to quickly teach people about risky behaviors and major threats ranging from sexually transmitted diseases to safe driving practices.

Overall there are many government and non-government organizations that have stepped in to offer assistance when fighting HIV/AIDS. Because of their combined efforts more and more nations are receiving the education that they need to fight the disease. Because of their efforts more people are getting access to the contraceptives and the medication they need to hinder the growth of the diseases as well. While there is still much to do some effort has at least been made on an international level and with continued efforts from governmental and non-governmental organizations progress can be achieved and the disease can be fought.

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