Free Tips On How To Develop A Persuasive Essay Thesis Statement

A good persuasive essay should ideally have a strong thesis statement at the beginning of the paper itself. A thesis statement is the best way to ensure that the reader of your paper understands exactly what the subject of your paper is and what you will be persuading them towards. Your thesis statement should be able to tell your reader exactly what they should be expecting from your paper.

Developing a thesis statement for a persuasive essay

  • The first thing to remember when developing a thesis statement for this kind of writing - is whether it an opinion or fact. Your thesis statement should be an opinion; that you can then prove with the help of proof and facts - but the statement itself should be an opinion or theory. Your persuasive paper should open up a discussion, not simply give your reader a list of facts.
  • A good thesis statement is also on-point and focused. This means that there is no room for you to be vague with your statement. This is the best way to ensure that your reader will know exactly what the paper is about. So it is always a good idea to include some details about the opinion that you have and as much information as you can within the one or two sentences. ‘Global warming is an imposing threat’ is not a good enough thesis statement. It is too vague and needs to be supported with more details as to why it is your opinion that global warming is a threat.
  • Finally, before you decide on a final thesis statement for this kind of a paper - ask yourself “how” and “why” and see if the thesis statement answers those two questions. For instance, in the above example about global warming, the statement doesn't answer how it is a threat or why it is one or even what the solution is. This means that the above thesis statement is too open-ended and needs more information.

A persuasive essay is the kind that is not based on any mystery or a great reveal at the end - for this kind of a paper to be fully appreciated by the reader, the thesis statement should make it very evident right from the beginning what they should be expecting to find in the rest of the paper.

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