Expository Essay Writing Guide - How To Conclude Your Paper

Some people argue that an expository essay is the easiest type of essay to write. Perhaps this is because, as opposed to an argumentative essay where you have to mount a case for a particular argument and persuade the reader that you are right, an expository essay is not like that. You don't need to argue a particular point and you don't even necessarily need to create a thesis statement.

But regardless of the type of essay you are writing, how you finish your essay is always vitally important. Assuming that you have gathered a good supply of relevant information in order to write your expository essay, here are some steps you can take to ensure you finish really well. Your conclusion should do each of the following things.

  • - You should create a summary of all the ideas you have discussed in your essay.
  • - You should reinforce the main idea or point of your essay.
  • - You must not introduce new material.
  • - Your final sentence should pack a punch.

There is a real art to writing a conclusion to any essay and particularly in an expository essay. You need to contain all the main ideas but with as few words as possible. This is a craft. This is a writing skill which involves precis writing. Make a list of all the main ideas in your essay and then write them again in the conclusion but with nowhere near the same number of words.

What is the main point you have made in your essay? Make it again in your conclusion. But be very careful that you do not introduce any new material. You will create a poor conclusion if you start with a new idea. So many students get a new idea and simply add it to their conclusion. Wrong. If the new idea is good, find a place for it in one of the earlier paragraphs. It does not belong in the conclusion.

And just like the tag to a story or a joke, the final sentence in your expository essay conclusion should be powerful and memorable. Hopefully your teacher or professor has enjoyed reading your expository essay. But to make sure they really appreciate your work, finish with a bang. Finish with a sentence that causes the reader to nod in appreciation. Think about this final sentence. If it's not powerful and memorable rewrite it.

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