How To Avoid Clichés When Writing An Essay

Avoiding clichés is about building personal vocabulary to promote better communication. In this case, essay writing is a common area where using clichés should be avoided. You want your content to stand out with important points being recognized and understood. Some clichés tend to make written content plain corny and uninteresting to read. When you want to have a serious or professional approach to your audience you need to pay closer attention to words you use and their overall message.

  • Why Avoid Using Clichés?
  • Clichés are known as expressions and phrases used too often. For many people they become annoying. Some of them start off being something catchy or clever, but they die off when people use them repeatedly. When it comes to using them in academic writing they can make the quality of your work look immature. This is not the look you want when you need to create content that is polished and professional. You want people to take your work seriously and understand the significance of it with good imagination.

  • Get Familiar with Types of Clichés and How They Are Used
  • The best way to avoid clichés is to learn most common ones used. This will help you think of something else to say that is appropriate, informative and/or creative. For instance, there are times many people have read something along the context of making someone’s “blood boil.” It is okay to express your anger at something but you can be creative with the concept instead of using related clichés over and over again. Take time to proofread your work to catch any possible uses of a cliché. You may not realize how often you use them, but it is an opportunity to see how you can be more creative with your vocabulary.

  • Think about How You Want Your Work Received by Your Reading Audience
  • You need to think about your audience as they read the content and consider what they would expect from the subject matter. When you need to be mature with your content you should consider thinking about the overall message. Your audience will want to know the main idea behind your content but with creativity and a unique point-of-view. It is okay to be humorous with your content when appropriate, but some clichés have a way of making your work look lazy. Your message should be understood by everyone who reads your work.

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