Where to Find a Free Essay Checker for Plagiarism: Helpful Advice

Plagiarism is the claiming of someone else’s work as your own. It’s the sort of thing that can occur somewhat harmlessly when you attribute a quote by a famous person to yourself in conversation. Where it can really come back to haunt you is when you submit an essay full of someone else’s ideas and no mention of which that person is. Worse yet is when whole sections of your work are identical to someone else’s. The following are places you can look for plagiarism checking help but not go broke in the process.

  • Plagiarism checking software
  • There are several sites that offer plagiarism checking features. Most of the popular ones require you to pay for them which defeats the purpose somewhat. Fortunately, there are also free alternatives and trial versions that you can benefit from. Some of these have word limits for the size of document you can check but this can be countered by checking the document in batches.

  • Ask a friend to look through your work for evidence of plagiarism
  • If you have people in your life that you trust to look over your essay, ask them to pay special attention to your quotes and any reference section you may have compiled. This is the part of the essay that usually results in unwitting plagiarism taking place. If your friend is particularly close, he or she might be convinced to not only check for plagiarism but also to make the necessary adjustments so the essay can be submitted safely.

  • Try a search engine
  • In the event that you are aware of having plagiarised someone else’s work and are merely trying to make sure that this is undetectable by your teacher, first off, shame on you. Other people worked hard to create the writing you are so cavalierly trying to appropriate. If you feel justified enough in your actions one of the simplest methods of checking this is to put sections of the text into a search engine within inverted commas and see how many results they generate. Everything that can be said is at least somewhat similar to something that has already been said so all you truly need to do is make sure that what you submit is unique enough to be your own. Your conscience is your own affair.

And really that’s all there is to it. Good luck.

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