15 Debatable Essay Topics Related To The Importance Of Being Earnest

When it comes to writing an essay about what is undoubtedly one of Wilde’s most important works, if you need to pick a debatable topic to base your work on then you will have a great choice of titles and ideas to choose from. In fact, there are many topics and issues surrounding the work that still inspire a great deal of debate today and, therefore, you can pick some of the more well-known discussions to use as the basis of your work. Alternatively, you may wish to look at various aspects of the play itself, in order to think of an interesting and debatable topic that you may wish to write about.

Ultimately, to help give you some ideas to get you started, there are some suggestions in the list below.

  1. How well does the play translate into different languages, in particular the title?
  2. How well do film adaptations portray the intentions of Oscar Wilde’s original script?
  3. Is there a more important piece of work written by Oscar Wilde?
  4. To what extent is Oscar Wilde’s personality portrayed in various characters of the play?
  5. Discuss the way in which the line, “a handbag?”, which is spoken by Lady Bracknell, has been interpreted throughout the years, and how do you think it should be expressed?
  6. Discuss the evolution of characters in comparison to earlier works by Oscar Wilde
  7. Discuss the way in which Oscar Wilde uses language for comedic effect and how successful the various approaches are
  8. To what extent is there a homosexual subtext in The Importance of Being Earnest?
  9. Discuss the way in which Victorian traditions and customs are highlighted and mocked
  10. What helped the original production to be so well received at the time, and what has helped it to become such an enduring piece of literature?
  11. What can we learn about Victorian society from the language and actions of the characters?
  12. How was work received by high society when upon its theatrical release?
  13. What genre does The Importance of Being Earnest belong to?
  14. Discuss the way in which The Importance of Being Earnest tackled the subject of marital rituals and customs in Victorian times
  15. Is there a more important play or piece of literature with a satirical theme produced in Victorian times?

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