Journalists Should Be Free To Report The Truth As They See It

Media freedom is one of the most discussed topics around the world. It involves the freedom of communication and expression using the media. This could include online media, mass media and published media such as newspapers. Many governments are seen as being the threat to media freedom which is enshrined in many constitutions.

An extreme bleach of media freedom is where the government of the day determines the information that people have to watch or listen. In a real situation, people are entitled to all types of information. Many journalists have been arrested for relaying information that touches on the lives of politicians. Other information that is classified as private should not be written or relayed to the public. Many governments are also responsible for setting of laws that don’t go very well with the members of the public who elected them. In the United States, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights explains clearly that every person has the right to information, opinion and expression. It is also enshrined in the constitution. In addition, the freedom of expression is also covered under the freedom of the press which gives them an equal playing field.

While the constitution is the ultimate source of major media laws, various non-governmental organizations which deal with media freedom use enhanced criteria to investigate the media freedom. For instance, Reporters without borders use criteria on considering the number of journalists who have been killed, fired or harassed. They also cover the current state of media monopoly in some places. They also look at the independence of the media. On the other hand, the committee to protect journalists uses professional tools to help protect journalists who have been affected by media issues. CPJ is found in many countries around the world. It seeks to protect journalists from severe media freedom issues. The International Freedom of Expression Exchange is an e-mail arm of the CPJ. It uses e-mail as a way of enhancing freedom by receiving messages from journalists in real time. The Freedom house is another organization that focuses on media freedom. It studies the political and economic environment of every nation to determine whether media freedom is enhanced. Therefore, freedom of the media is a very important aspect, which is monitored by many bodies around the world.

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