Creating the Persuasive Essay: How to Write the Body Sections

Essays where the writers intend to convince the readers to focus on the particular ideas or opinions are called the persuasive essays. These types of essays can be on literally any topic about which you have a valid opinion. You can argue in favor or against any idea or statement. All that matters is that you have to convince the reader what you are talking about and what actually your idea is. Moreover, note that writing a persuasive essay is a lot like writing any other type of essay.

Introduction of your persuasive essay:

The body of your persuasive essay starts with the introduction of your topic just like all other types of essays. A good introduction of the persuasive essay should grab the attention of the reader and it should make him to read the paper till the end. Following are some of the key points of writing an introduction of any persuasive essay:

  • - Begin with an incredible hook, which is essentially the first sentence that grabs the attention of your reader.

  • - Make sure that you have a one line thesis statement, which should be somewhere at the end of your introduction.

Structuring your central body paragraphs:

Every persuasive essay should have a minimum of 3 paragraphs between the introduction and the conclusion. Each paragraph of the essay should address one main point related to the topic of the persuasive essay. Consider the following points about the central body paragraphs of your essay:

  • - This is the place where you justify your ideas and opinions. You should provide evidence to back your opinion.

  • - If possible, try to use known facts as your evidence. The known facts give the reader something to hold onto. One argument of your persuasive essay should ideally be backed with facts from different angles.

  • - Use the last sentence of each paragraph to connect with the begging of the next paragraph.

  • - Although not necessary, but you can add a counter argument as well, to make your persuasive essay more comprehensive.

Writing the conclusion of your essay at the end:

The end of your persuasive essay should consist of a conclusion. In the conclusion, the writer should ideally look to restate all his main points but in different words. The end of the conclusion and the body of the research paper should be with a probing thought.

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