Discussing the Best Books to Write about: Literature Essay Topic Choices

If you have been assigned a literature essay on any book, how do you choose what book to write about? At first you may be excited because you get to pick your own subject of study. Then, you will realize that choosing a piece of literature to examine is a difficult task. We have listed some pointers to make the selection process a bit easier.

  1. 1. Choose a well-known book with some historical merit
  2. This months #1 best seller may not be the best choice for your literature essay! A common mistake that many students make is selecting the “book of the hour” to write on. This may be a bad idea for two main reasons.

    • - Your instructor may not be familiar with the book
    • - The book may not have that much literal merit.

    Instead of choosing the most popular book on the rack look for something that is historically studied as literature so that you will have plenty of material to work with.

  3. 2. Do not pick a book that has been overdone
  4. Not to be redundant to our last statement, but when choosing a piece of literature to write your essay on, try not to select a book that has been overwritten about. For instance there have been a million essays written on “A Christmas Carol” the world really DOES NOT need another one.

    The best way around this is to select a book with academic merit that genuinely interests you. Instead of choosing the book that everyone else is writing about because it is easy.

    Not only will this set your essay apart, it will also make your essay more intriguing to read.

  5. 3. Don’t Be Cliché’
  6. Once you have selected a book, the next step is to compose a thesis. Avoid being too cliché’ and use your own ideas. Most books have been analyzed time and time again from the same angle. Try to be original when selecting your topics of discussion.

What this will do is make your essay a more interesting piece to read. You’ll b surprised how your grades will improve when you stop trying so hard, and just write honestly. Once you have finished reading the book, discuss ideas that you can genuinely relate to. Don’t try to imitate what you “think” a literature essay should look like.

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