Lung Cancer

The cancer of lungs is one of the most severe cancers in the present world. Its lethal claws stretch over all nations in the world. Nevertheless, the cancer of lungs is not just like any other infection; it acts as a magnifying glass whereby, various decency and evil of the society is exposed through the causes behind its cause.

Lung cancer occurs when the lung cells develop in an uncontrolled manner which creates a tumor that is cancerous. Breathing in polluted air and smoking are the major causes of lung cancer. Research shows that peer pressure, government failure and role models are the main cause of increased rate of cancerous infections. However, with the assist of scientists and governmental involvement, lung cancer is preventable, treatable and curable.

Causes of Lung Cancer

Cigarettes are full toxic and poisonous chemicals. Nicotine, present in cigarettes is a very harmful chemical. In fact, once inhaled, nicotine reaches the brain within ten seconds. As people enjoy smoking tobacco, the toxic chemicals continue damaging the lungs. Continued smoking leads to heart related diseases.

Radon gases on the other end are radioactive gases that occur naturally from the soil and rocks. Excessive inhaling of radon gases for a long time increases the chances of suffering from lung infections such as lung cancer. However, with the modern technology and often testing, this problem is controllable. Neutralization of radon gases is very helpful and responsible method of protecting people from cancerous infections.

Control Measures for Lung Cancer

Lung cancer sounds like a fatal infection which is ineradicable and consumes many lives. Although only small percentage of people suffering from lung cancer survives, there is still hope that this percentage can increase if proper medications are taken in good time. However, it should always be remembered that prevention is better than cure and therefore, public ought to be more cautious on exposure to lung cancer causing agents such as radon gases and toxic and poisonous chemicals from air pollution, smoking and radon gases.

There are various ways through lungs cancer can be treated. In case of growth of tumors on lungs, the condition can be treated through surgery. Additionally, radiation therapy can be used to destroy cancerous cells which cannot be eliminated through surgery. Another common and effective method of treating lungs cancer is chemotherapy, taking anti-cancerous drugs which destroy cancer cells. Furthermore, the modern technology is advanced enough to reduce if not to end the growth of lung cancer.

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