Study guides and strategies: how to write a perfect essay

Writing the perfect essay includes proper planning and knowing essential elements to pull it together. No matter what the topic of your essay you can remember basic parts that can help it stand out. It helps to have an interesting topic and know what pieces of information you want readers to know. You should keep this in mind as you analyze each part of your essay. The following points offer more insight on how to write a perfect essay for your topic.

  • Create an outline to help you write each part. This is basically the skeleton of your essay. You can make one no matter how long your assignment needs to be. It helps you break up the entire assignment into smaller parts easier to tackle. You can do this after choosing your topic or when you are ready to start research.
  • Plan your introduction. This will include important parts such as a hook, thesis and background details about the topic. The hook grabs readers’ attention. This can be a fact, quote or something humorous. The thesis is the main idea and reason why you are writing the essay. Background information helps create a foundation for your introduction.
  • Plan body paragraphs. Once you understand the structure you will repeat the process for each paragraph that makes up your body (middle section between intro and conclusion). Each paragraph should have a supporting point, evidence and why they relate to the main point of the essay.
  • Plan conclusion. The conclusion will restate your thesis and supporting points mentioned earlier in the essay. You will write this information and not copy it word-for-word. You will also have a general statement regarding your topic. This is something you want readers to know or remember. At this point you may not need to include any new information, but you are presenting your findings in an innovative way to show meaning and purpose behind your work.
  • After planning your essay you can start writing your rough draft. This gives a basic idea of what your essay will look like when it is finalized. Use your outline and notes you took during planning to help you. You will basically work to put your ideas into sentences and paragraphs.
  • Go back over your draft and make revisions. Make sure ideas and thoughts are clear and concise. Check sentence and paragraph structure.
  • Edit and proofread before submission.

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