A List Of The Most Inspiring Persuasive Essay Topics For College Students

There are several processes involved when it comes to writing essays or choosing essay topics. There are always broad subjects to cover and the best thing to do is to narrow down their research in order to come up with the most inspiring topics. The topics could come in the form of questions or statements. If it comes in the form of questions, it means the writer will present the paper as an answer to the question being asked, based mainly on facts supporting the topic in question.

In most instances, apart from the main topic of the essay, a conflicting view of the topic is also included in the paper being presented. The main reason for this is that when both sides of the issue is treated, you will finally be able to convince your reader why your own side of the argument is better than the opposing side of the argument. For this reason, it is advisable to choose a topic that interests you, in fact, it should be such that you have a passion for. This will spur you on to gather as much information as possible. However, do not allow the passion for such topic cloud your judgment as far as the topic is concerned.

Some of the persuasive essay topics

Here is a list and overview of some of the persuasive essay topics you can write on:

  • Should Teachers Be Required To Pass Tests Intermittently Before The Renewal Of Their Certificates? This is a question that you need to answer in your paper. This means that you have to carry out researches on cases where some teachers were determined not qualified to teach a particular grade in school. You can also research the criteria for becoming and remaining a qualified teacher. Don’t forget to add a conflicting view.

  • Drivers Should Go For Evaluation Prior To Renewal Of Their License: This particular essay topic is a statement. Depending on your idea, the discussion can be written or practical evaluation of the drivers. You can start your argument on safety, analyzing both older drivers and younger drivers. This includes the risks both categories pose to road users and what kind of evaluation will better assess their capabilities and experience in driving.

  • Should There Be A Curfew For Teens Below 18 Years? Another interesting and persuasive topic. Considering the level of crime and crime-related deaths of teenagers, you can base your argument on the fact that having this curfew in place will greatly reduce crime and mortality rate among the youth. It is a well-known fact that the streets are safer in daylight than when it is dark.

These and many other persuasive essay topics, if properly researched and written, will see you getting good scores.

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