List Of Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics About Famous People

Descriptive essays are probably some of the eassiest you could write. It gives you the chance to put your personal touch on them since they don't actually require a lot of research, and more of an opinion of the writers. You can let your creative juices flow, it's a good chance to be noticed for your writing and creating capabilities. In this way, the reader appreciates your point of view on the subject, even if, at first sight, it might seem like a boring subject to begin with. It doesn't involve that much work, just a sharp mind and a well trained imagination.

  • Winning an award. You can talk about the Oscars of this year, who won in what category and if they truly deserved that award, since there are many "competitors", and it's a well known and wanted honor, even by the most famous celebrities out there. Some of them never won at least one Oscar, although they deserved much more than that.

  • New, but very talented, actors that have appeared on stage recently. In this society, things are moving very fast, so, therefore, more and more young actors, singer, are trying to fulfill their dreams. While most of them don't succeed because of various reasons, there are some who not only make it to the top, but they do it gracefully. Their talent is being recognised worldwide by spectators and critics as well, and people truly start to notice them.

  • Remakes of some classics. Depending on the target audience, some people might not like all the new age stuff that keeps appearing every day, and they enjoy an older but better work of art from their youth. Many classic movies had a remake; some of them were worse than you could imagine, made just for money. A few standout and older people will be delighted to find out that their favourite movie, serial, is being remade by a capable director. With a fresh new cast of some famous actors, and it might turn out to be a "hit" even for the new generation. They call them classics for a reason.

  • Possible comebacks of well-known celebrities. Some have decided to quit their lives as a famous person, retire from their work, even at a young age, and live a "normal" life from that point on. But since celebrity is not something that you can just quit like that, a few are making a comeback, trying with new and fresh ideas to reinvent themselves and win the hearts of the spectators once again.

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