Academic Help: What are the different Genres of Writing?

What are the different genres of writing? There are as many genres as there are likes. What this means is that there is a genre and subgenre for just about every type of person out there. If one can imagine it, there is a genre of writing for it, and a subgenre to fine tune it to that person. So what are they?

  1. 1. Expository Writing
  2. 2. Journal and Letter Writing
  3. 3. Narrative Writing
  4. 4. Persuasive Writing
  5. 5. Descriptive Writing
  • Expository Writing
  • Expository writing is writing based on research. For this type of writing, think of essays, biographies, thesis, and documentaries. This type of writing works on two fronts; teaching about a subject, and / or debating a thought. In the first, it brings to light information on a subject, explaining how or why this is. On the second, it can do one of a number of things; from arguing why a point if not valid, to questioning if it was actually perceived correctly. This is a more scholarly writing genre.

  • Journal and Letter Writing
  • This style is more for personal and business efforts. It includes personal journals, news reporting, business writing, and letter, such as emails, texting, correspondences, and dictation. This is not a scholarly writing, even though it can be used as such in some cases. But for all general purposes, this is a more personal form of writing.

  • Narrative Writing
  • Narrative writing is your storytelling style. Such pieces are novels, mythos (religious stories), and fables. This style is one of the oldest known, where man has for centuries tried to tell about the world they lived in. Even though these stories may not all be true, even in the pictographs of early man, this has been practiced.

  • Persuasive Writing
  • Persuasive writing is exactly as it says. It is designed to persuade the reader to move in a direction the writer wants. The most common uses for this are: Political advertisements, marketing ads, propaganda letters, and editorials. Any form of writing that is designed to direct the thought or actions of the reader fall into his genre.

  • Descriptive Writing
  • Descriptive writing is more of an artistic style, used to express the feelings, emotions, or thoughts of the writer. If the student is familiar with poetry, then they will know exactly what this is. Descriptive writing can also fall into many of the other genres. Because of its nature, it can make the other genres more effective.

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