Vietnam War Essay Topics: Help My Paper Stand out

The Vietnam War was an armed conflict between Communist Vietnam and the Viet Cong against South Vietnam. There was a loss of three million lives in the conflict.

Since there are so many topics to choose from regarding this war, it is not always easy to find a topic that will help your paper stand out. Here are some great suggestions on some great Vietnam War topics.

  • - Weapons of the war
  • - Famous American Vietnam veterans
  • - Vietnam War protests
  • - Women in Vietnam
  • - Soviet involvement in Vietnam
  • - The Tet Offensive
  • - The Battle of Khe Sahn
  • - The Ho Chi Minh Trail

Once you have decided on your topic, there are a few key essay writing tips, that you will want to know to write a successful paper that stands out.

  • Tip # 1: Write an interesting and informative thesis sentence.
  • It will be important to spend some time writing your thesis sentence. If you have a really good thesis sentence that shows the reasons behind why you are writing the paper, you will write a paper that stands out.

  • Tip # 2: Find an interesting fact to present in the introduction
  • An interesting fact about your topic or one that not everyone knows about will draw your reader in and make your paper stand out from the other papers. A good quote used as the first sentence of your paper can be effective. This can be a little known fact or a statistic that amazes you. I would try to find something that was interesting to you.

  • Tip # 3: Use transitions between topics
  • Transitions are a very important tool that you can use to keep your reader involved in your essay. It will also help your paper to stand out because it will guide the reader through your ideas. Great essays stand out and great essays have transitions.

These tips will help you write a essay on the Vietnam War that really stands out to your audience. The topic alone will get them intrigued and when you follow these important tips, it will lead to you writing an outstanding essay that grasps their interest from the very beginning and keeps it throughout. It is important to proof read your final work to ensure that it truly explains the essence of your thesis. Good luck and happy writing.

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