Where To Find Medical Persuasive Essay Topics

The field of medicine is full of potential paper topics that might cover previous treatment options compared to current medicinal research or the various treatment levels that are offered in different countries. You can find a plethora or potential topics in a variety of fields related to medicine.

Some of the most popular topics in the field suitable for any level of paper and any grade include:

  • Cancer. The field of cancer has many topics that are great for students to research. The different way that cancers spread or the limited treatment options for blood cancers are probable topics. It might also be good to research the percentage of funding from cancer-based research facilities that are actually dedicated to cancer
  • Ethical issues in the field of medicine. This is another great topic as it often includes things such as helping patients with no insurance or physician assisted suicide.
  • Diabetes
  • Nursing homes
  • ICU treatment
  • Medical costs
  • Medical insurance coverage

When you begin researching your topic--whatever it may be--it is good for you to start the note taking process early. When you start research it is best to find a good study space from which you can review publications or look up items in the library database. Keep all of your note taking materials in this study space so that they are easily accessible as you work. Write down:

  • Questions that are interesting to you
  • Ideas you have
  • Ways that you can research your questions
  • References to anything you find so that you can create the bibliography later
  • Sources of information that have already proven useful
  • Notes on any articles you have already read or texts you have reviewed in class that may be helpful.

Many students find it helpful to bring multiple colored note cards when they study. One color is designated for a main thought or main argument while the other color is left for supporting evidence. This is particularly useful because the cards can double as a tangible outline the order of which can be moved around regularly until you find something that fits. Many students benefit from the tactile learning required when playing with physical note cards.

One of the best places to begin researching your paper topic is the library. The library and the internet offer a plethora of primary and secondary sources that are scholarly and critical to the success of your argument.

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