Where To Look For Great Examples Of Opinion Essays

There are four aspects to an opinion essay: The argument, the format, the style, and the topic. If your can get clear on all four of these aspects, your opinion essay will have all the ingredients for a great one. So in order to switch up the normal boring “search for examples” routine, try this unconventional method instead.

For a lesson on how to argue - Public forums

Seeing that your paper is a piece with an introduction, body, and conclusion; it makes sense to go onto some online public forums and read the opinions of others. While these may not be formatted exactly the way an essay should, you will learn how to structure your argument and convince your reader of your opinion.

For a lesson on format - Academic writing companies

There are tons of examples of all types of academic papers that are written and sold on a daily basis. Find a reputable academic writing company and source some samples from them. You will be able to see how your essay should be structured and what format should be used. You will also get some idea of style, but feel free to use the next tip for a broader approach on that.

For a lesson on styles - Go down a virtual rabbit hole

It may take some time, but another option is using your online resources. Simply search for an essay example and let the search results lead you down a rabbit hole. Clicking on one result will generate more links in similar directions. Click on a few different results and go wherever your mouse pointer leads you. By the time you’re done, you will have seen multiple essays and will surely have decided on what style to use for your own.

For a lesson on topic suggestions - News sites

There are literally hundreds of news websites on the internet. For a great way to gather topic inspiration, visit these sites and see what controversial subjects are prevalent in our world. It’s all about looking at each report from a different angle. You could see how actions are rooted in certain causes and how those causes can be justified. As unbiased as news claims to be, you will find a lot of opinion material. Also consider reading news forums and take note of the strong opinions of other readers. By the time you’re done, you’ll have more inspiration than you bargained for.

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