Teenage Runaway

There are a variety of movies that feature “Teenage Runaway” as the title. Most people that view this title may think about a teenager that has run away from home. In some cases this is what happened. One movie with this title is actually a film with pornographic tendencies from back in the 1970’s. Another film with these words in its title is about a 15 year old girl who runs away and becomes a prostitute. There are also clothing brands and other projects related to this title name. But something many people may not realize is the actually problem itself: a large number of teenagers are still running away from home.

An important problem in our society includes teenage runaways. Many of them think running away will make their problems go away or it is an easier way to solve them. In some cases they get involved in things mentioned earlier such as prostitution. But does films and movie project encourage or inspire teenagers to consider the idea of running away? Teenagers go through emotional changes during puberty. They may not like the way they look or feel like they can’t wait to grow up and be on their own. But is running away really worth the risk you could be putting yourself through?

Take the movies that were just mentioned earlier that share the same title “Teenage Runway.” Many parents probably would not allow their teenage to watch one or the other (or both). They deal with situations that are happening (unfortunately) in our society. They sometimes raise the awareness but they tend to make some teens feel less important. They show what they try to purport as what teens would think to be exciting, but in reality it is trouble in the making. You would think this aspect would make teens turn the other cheek, but it tends to peak their interests more.

People agree there are too many teens running away from whatever is bothering them. There are some that think they are running toward something such as fame, more money, or an easier way to live their lives. Because many adults can relate to how teens feel, they may think running away was something they wanted to do themselves. But in reality you can’t run away since you could get yourself into deeper trouble you wished you never experienced.

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