Suggestions For Students: How To Create A Great Essay On Respect

In high school or in college, you would most likely be given plenty of assignments to work on. The workload would be pretty intense and there might be times when you just can’t handle it! But don’t worry, most people have survived this stage and I’m sure you’ll be fine! In some cases, you might be given an essay to write on respect. This is a rather odd topic, right? But if you know how to prepare for it properly, it should be a rather easy task and you can probably complete it in a day or two (provided that you work hard on it!). Here are a few suggestions for you, which you might find useful.

  • Research first
  • As with all other essays, your work should begin from researching first. You need a lot of information and you need boil it down, compile it and try and express it concisely. It’s going to be pretty intense, but it has to be done. All good essays are well researched, so it really is important! Your research can start online or offline, depending on your own personal preference. I like researching online and reading e-journals and eBooks, but that is totally your personal choice.

  • Draw an outline
  • Once you have done all your research, it is time for you to draw an outline. That should include how you are going to approach the essay, what references you are going to use and how many words you are going to allocate to each section. It’s really not a lot of work here, provided that you have done the research already. However, you must be very clear with what you are doing here! You don’t want to cause yourself any confusion, as that could ruin your essay!

  • Write your first draft
  • Your first draft can be rather brief and basic. All you need to do is just get words down and make sure it kind of makes sense. It doesn’t have to be perfect at this stage. Once you’re done with first draft, you should move on to editing.

  • Proofreading, editing and submit
  • Proofreading and editing would be the most difficult part of your essay. You really need to be critical and just correct any mistakes. Change words and phrases around to make it sound a bit more professional. Make sure there are no grammatical mistakes as well! Once that’s done, you can submit your work and you should get a great mark!

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