Writing an Essay: Core Points to be Discussed

  • The Words of Wisdom
  • As a student in middle, high school, or even at university, you will be asked to write a series of essays, in the hopes of helping to develop your ability to, not only organize your thoughts coherently on paper, but to think analytically when responding to a presented idea or question. Adding to this, is the fact, that, your instructor may only provide you with a set specification list of required guidelines, may very well indeed cause you the student to begin to question how to properly go about writing an essay. But, do not fear, as with any question, there is bound to be an answer, or solution, even if this does not yet seem apparent.

  • The Format
  • In the making of an essay, you should familiarize yourself with the three basics. The three basics are: introduction, body, and conclusion. These make up the general outline of an essay. But, it should be noted, that, within each of the three basics, lies a composite of additional material not yet specified. What this means, is that, the introduction, body, and conclusion each have something unique to its ingredients list, that is necessary for it to function. So, for example, the introduction, must include a thesis statement, or main, centralizing theme and brief listing of examining evidence to further be explained during the body paragraphs. The body paragraphs are as multiple, as the list of examining evidence earlier mentioned. That is, the amount of body paragraphs your essay will have depends entirely upon how much detail you choose to give as supporting evidence to your thesis statement. The conclusion, like the introduction, consists of one paragraph, in which you reinstate the thesis statement and the list of supporting evidence of details. Here, you will also need to make a closing statement, in which you sum up what was achieved, or accomplished from your overall argument, or debate, of which your essay‚Äôs foundation is based upon. In addition to all of this, the beginning sentence of each and every paragraph, must include a topic sentence. The reason for being, is to let your reader know what is going to be discussed further in-depth in that particular paragraph. Transition words are also put to good use, most especially when going from one body paragraph to another. Was that really so hard?

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