10 Good Topics For A School Argument Essay

  1. 1. Is it rather important to be a man/woman or being human?
  2. In this topic, you can discuss about various problems that the people of today face because of their biological sex. In this argumentative essay, you can discuss whether you agree to an individual acting in accordance with the societal gender role assignment and whether it is important to conform to it or should we have our priorities changed.

  3. 2. Is it good to be independent?
  4. In the world of today people have started getting more self sufficient than they were before. This topic can be debatable, as some people would agree to the notion of being independent whereas some might think that it is favorable to be interdependent on each other.

  5. 3. Inter-culture marriages
  6. This topic is by far the most controversial that there is. This is because it involves culture, religion and a particular group of people’s way of life. Some families end all relation with their kids just because of their choice in marriage whereas very few are ok with it or adjust to it.

  7. 4. Male and Female, What about Trans-genders
  8. We have become as ignorant as humans have that when we talk about rights we talk about rights for men and women but we rarely ever realize that there are other people with biological differences as well.

  9. 5. Does death penalty really give justice?
  10. In this topic, you can discuss whether ending the life of a criminal is worth it rather than making them pay for their crime. You can debate about whether the price of life is enough to get the justice that you deserve.

  11. 6. Homosexual
  12. Should these people be accepted for what they are? Debate on whether you think if they should be given the freedom to marry with whomsoever they want openly.

  13. 7. Capitalism or socialism?
  14. The nature of our economy has a rather important impact on the state discuss whether you prefer the Government’s involvement in the working of the economy or should everyone be allowed to contribute to their requirements

  15. 8. Is homework even worth doing?
  16. At educational institutions, students are assigned various home-related tasks. However, does that really help the individual in grooming themselves and expanding their knowledge base?

  17. 9. Should the parents interfere forcefully in the affairs of their children?
  18. A topic, which might infuriate the parents but this issue, has been raised quite many a times. Should children be given the chance to make their own decisions or should parents influence their decisions?

  19. 10. Marriage, a necessity, or choice?
  20. There has been a certain amount of argument. In several parts of the world, marriage is enforced upon the people and they do not have the liberty to choose their own spouse let alone the decision of marriage. Present your views about what you think marriage should be!

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