Choosing The Best Economics IB Extended Essay Topics

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program for economics aims to create a way to help young students have challenging programs including rigorous assessment and varied education. The end goal is to develop caring people who want to create a more peaceful and better world through understanding multiculturalism and showing mutual respect.

The extended essay requirements include a length of 4000 words, in-depth investigation of a topic of interest, conducting independent research and a professional presentation. This requirement is usually mandatory for all economics IB students.

Sample essay topics for your economics IB paper

  1. 1. What will the biggest economic challenge be for the United States in 2016?
  2. 2. How does obesity affect the global economy?
  3. 3. As the number of endangered species increases and global biodiversity declines, what are the economic repercussions if any?
  4. 4. What overall impacts does mobile technology have on the global economy?
  5. 5. How to plummeting oil and gas prices affect the economies dependent on exports of fossil fuels?
  6. 6. How are local economies affected by legislation that demands a raise in minimum wages?
  7. 7. How does the growing world of freelancing affect the economy?
  8. 8. How are local and state economies affected by the legalization of marijuana?
  9. 9. Discuss the events that led up to one of the Wall Street disasters
  10. 10. How do the financial troubles facing the Greek economy affect the rest of Europe?
  11. 11. Is there any connection between Facebook and the world’s economics?
  12. 12. Purchasing with cash or debit versus using credit cards
  13. 13. The effects of hyperinflation in South American countries
  14. 14. The bitcoin – how does it fit in and how does it affect the economy?
  15. 15. When major corporations pay low wages to their employees.

How to choose an essay topic

The choosing process for the topic of your economics IB extended essay should follow this pattern – make up a master list of ideas, using the ones listed above or others you may find online or in books or newspapers. Narrow down your long list to a few favorite topics. Go to your library or use online searches to determine how much academic source material is available to support your essay topic idea. If there are not enough sources, your idea is too narrow and you need to readjust it.

When you choose your essay topic, take a unique angle or slant on it to make your topic authentic and interesting.

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